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Those of you who own an RV or a business that uses semi-trucks understand that you can’t always find time to keep up with the maintenance. It’s a huge job that can take a while to complete on your own. Besides, RV’s are supposed to be used for relaxing vacations. You shouldn’t have to worry about making sure it is pristine all on your own. For that reason, CT-Detailing is here to help. We offer both RV and semi detailing so that you can actually enjoy your vacation or have a more relaxing day at work.

Having a clean RV is essential for a truly relaxing vacation. You don’t want to be riding around the country in a beat up, grimy looking RV. Likewise, having a clean semi-truck is essential to present in a professional manner to your customers and employees. A semi-truck wash in Louisville, KY is essential for running a great business.

If you ever need a truck wash near Louisville, KY or an RV wash in Louisville, KY, then CT-Detailing is the place for you. We offer top to bottom, interior and exterior detailing so that the entire vehicle looks absolutely perfect for your trip on the road.

Not only will your vehicle look great but proper cleaning ensures a longer life for the vehicle. By avoiding dust and grime, you avoid some of the general wear and tear that every vehicle faces. Doing this means less replacement parts over time and more money in your pocket. We offer the best semi-truck and RV wash Louisville, KY has to offer.

Protect Your Investment With Us!

CT-Detailing specializes in high performance RV and Semi detailing in Louisville, KY. When people purchase RV’s and Semi’s they quickly realize how much professional maintenance is needed to maintain the longevity of their investment.

Regular cleaning and detailing of an RV or Semi is an important part of maintaining the appearance and value of these vehicles. Quality RV detailing takes professional skill, product knowledge and techniques.

Don’t waste your time with inexperienced detail shops, with CT-Detailing you get to save time, effort and money knowing we have a specific process to complete the RV detailing process.

Different products and care are needed for cleansing and protecting the multitude of  interior and exterior surfaces such as: gel – coated, aluminum, chrome, interior leather, Granite, and marble.

Whether you have a $50,000 “C,” a  $400,000 Monaco or a Million Dollar Prevost – We will shine them all inside & out to make them look brand new!

Vehicles Cleaned from Top to Bottom

Here at CT-Detailing, we pride ourselves on our thorough and professional work. Bring your RV or semi into our shop and we guarantee it’ll look like you’ve just bought it. We will detail your vehicle from top bottom, inside and out. This includes general washing, waxing, polishing, shampooing, conditioning, and anything else your vehicle may need.

We use the best products in the industry to ensure that your RV or semi-truck looks its absolute best. In addition, we only employ the most highly skilled professionals and provide rigorous training to all of our employees. Your vehicle is safe in our hands.

When you call us, we’ll explain what services we have available and get you set up with an appointment. You will be hard pressed to find a more thorough truck wash in Louisville, KY.

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Working with Every Type of RV

We have also trained our employees to work with every type of RV, no matter how big or small. Some RV’s that we work with include Class A, Class C, Fifth-Wheel, and Toy Hauler. We offer a money back guarantee if you are ever unsatisfied with our work, though we can assure you this won’t be an issue. For the best RV or truck wash Louisville, KY has available, call CT-Detailing today.


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