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A clean, fresh car will provide you with a sense of ease and confidence on every ride. CT Detailing provides various services to assist protect and maintaining your car’s original beauty, including Ceramic CoatingHeadlight RestorationAuto Detailing, and Boat Detailing. Make a phone call with us at (502)-939-2887!

CT Detailing - About Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

The area was annexed to the city of Louisville in 2003 as a result of a merger between the city and the unincorporated communities of Jefferson County. According to local media, Pleasure Ridge Park is now considered a neighborhood within the city borders of Louisville. The area was first sparsely occupied by French and German Catholics in the mid nineteenth century, and the first church, St. Andrew’s Church, was built in 1851, while it no longer exists, a significant local road bears its name. Until World War I, Pleasure Ridge Park was a popular tourist destination. In terms of economics, Pleasure Ridge Park’s expansion has been relatively moderate, nonetheless, the neighborhood has experienced a rise in small scale shops in recent years.

CT Detailing Valley Station, KY consists of Ceramic Coating, Auto Detailing, Headlight Restoration, and Boat Detailing.

Come to CT Detailing in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, for the best detailing services in town, whether you want to improve your car’s exterior or ineterior we have options available for you. Our primary goal is to provide an excellent experience for all our customers.

CT Detailing offers a range of detailing service packages to meet your budget and maintenance requirements. We are confident that, with many years of detailing experience and highly skilled detailers, CT Detailing services will not disappoint you. Ceramic CoatingHeadlight RestorationAuto Detailing, and Boat Detailing are all services offered by CT Detailing in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY. We provide five star services to car owners to maintain a glossy appearance for a more extended period of time.

CT Detailing can assist you if you’re looking for the most outstanding detailing services in town! We provide high quality service and we only use the latest cutting edge technology!

CT Detailing Ceramic Coating Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

Ceramic coating not only shields your vehicle from harmful UV rays but also prevents corrosion caused by chemicals or other contaminents that the car is exposed to in the environmental elements. Furthermore, the lotus leaf effect feature can withstand water, filth, mud, or rainfall that are unlikely to ever touch with the car’s paint or glass once correctly coated.

Headlight Restoration Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

Headlight Restoration at CT Detailing in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, is an excellent way to restore your vehicle’s appearance while also boosting your vision when driving at night.

Auto Detailing Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

Auto Detailing is a good way to clean a vehicle from dust, filth, and grime on the exterior and the interior. It also prolongs the paints lifespan. At CT Detailing, we provide auto detailing services for automobiles, motorcycles, RVs, and semi trucks.

Boat Detailing Pleasure Ridge Park, KY

Detailing your boat is an excellent way to keep it looking new and feeling like the luxurious ride you paid for. CT Detailing in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY, offers boat detailing services by specialists who understand how vital this step is in maintaining the quality of your investment.

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