The Best Boat Detailing Service By Popular Demand!

Believe it or not, detailing a boat is nothing like detailing a car! Most shops are inexperienced in the detailing trade, treating boats and vehicles the same.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a hefty cost to the boat owner.

The detailing technicians here at CT-Detailing are trained professionals, so we’re totally different. It is not possible to get the shine on your Gel Coat using car products.

We only use the highest grade marine detailing products on your boat.

Every chemical we use is formulated specificlly for a boat and designed to withstand the abuse collected by rough waters.
We start with had washing down your boat using super soft towels and microfibers.

We then start with a specially formulated buffing compound which also contains a UV protectant. This product enhances your overall shine and gloss lating for weeks to come.

When we buff your boat we end up using anywhere between 10-20 buffing pads to ensure the longevity of your boat detail.

During the waxing process, we only use 100% pure Carnauba wax. Our proprietary marine craft detailing process is guaranteed to help maximize your water adventures.

When we clean the inside of your cockpit we actually use chemicals to clean the vinyl before we use an interior wax on your upholstery. Rest assured that no corners are cut.

We have several different packages to suit your budget but don’t worry every package gets the same care from our trained professionals. If you have any questions, feel free to call us, we will always be happy to answer them.

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