Top Auto Detailing in Louisville, KY

PictureWhen it comes to hiring a detailing shop to wash and detail your Vehicle, R.V., or Boat you want someone who is passionate about transforming old heavily used cars back into master pieces and has the knowledge and experience back behind them.

Here at CT-Detailing we are led by Master Detailer, Cory Turley, who has over ten solid years in Professional Auto Detailing in the Louisville area. From what started as a side hobby quickly grew into a full sized auto detailing shop to accommodate for the large demand in the professional detailing field. Customer Service is our highest priority, striving to provide the very best auto detailing service we are committed to your satisfaction.

Not only are we able to best any competitions detail quality, but we also beat all their prices at the same time, don’t get suckered in by the huge corporate prices. We Are Here For You. Beyond our many years of expertise in the auto detailing field, we also have more passion for customer service than any of our competition. We promise 100% customer satisfaction with every detailing job and we offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied, though that is highly unlikely. We absolutely love our work, and it shows in the glamorous looks that we produce.

We offer some of the most extensive auto detailing in Louisville, KY. Not only do we work with cars, but we also provide detailing services for motorcycles, boats, RV’s, and semi-trucks as well. We have many different detailing plans available, including both interior and exterior detailing. We will ensure that your vehicle, no matter what it is, will look sparkly new as if you just bought it that day.

In addition to regular detailing, we also provide ceramic coating for vehicles. We understand that washing a car can only go so far. Getting a vehicle nice and clean is great, but it won’t prevent new damages from cropping up. With our ceramic coating, we guarantee that your vehicle will look great for many years to come. Our ceramic coating in Louisville protects your vehicle from the usual wear and tear, as well as heavy environmental hazards, so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance every single day.

For Quality Service and Care, Call CT-Detailing and ask for Cory @ (502) 939-2887